Druidic Parenting – Making Dragon Wings part III

I got the dragon wings done in time for the Galstonbury Dragon’s May Fair on the bank holiday weekend and am really proud of myself.

We had loads of ‘aw look at the baby dragon’ comments which was hugely validating.

I didn’t have time in the end to make a dragon head but the wings should last a couple of years so I can always work on them for Samhain.

So here are the final stages:


I used a ruler to pin out straight lines to follow for the wing markings then used my rainbow coloured embroidery silks to do line of back stitch (which miraculously look ok on the other side too.

I looked up images of dragon tails on the internet to find a simple shape to work from and then cut out some waxed card to use as both template and insert for keeping the shape of the tail.  I cut the shape out of the sleeve of the t-shirt that I’d been working from using both parts to make a pocket.

I pinned the card into the pocket, back-stitched round the card (except for the top) and then turned it inside out to put the card back in.

I lopped off the bottom of the sock, taking advantage of the stripes to help cut straight then used a blanket stitch to get the tail onto the sock.

I made the straps using the other sock and a bit of the t-shirt collar

The shoulder straps are sewn at the top and tied to the collar loops at the bottom so it works like a rucksack and is adjustable as she grows.  The wrist straps are just loops of elastic made to measure so although there is some give, I will probably need to replace these before she outgrows the wings.

I didn’t work out what to do with the top of the sock.  It’s just tucked in on itself.

Here’s the final result (not a great pic, but staying still is not one of little monster’s strong points).


The day itself was brilliant, although we nearly didn’t make it thanks to a mini-measles reaction to the MMR jab.  We cut our plan short and went for a day trip rather than a weekend camp.

My son (along with his partner and mine) volunteered to be dragon legs in the parade.

So I got to be Mother of Dragons for the day.IMG_0708


Author: Ellen Efenricea

Exploring gender, parenting and paganism

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